family focused

Elcano Dental Kenosha, WI Photo of a familyfor kids

We love kids! Our entire team will work together to ensure your child’s visit to the dentist is a positive, fun experience. We encourage children to participate in treatment make them more comfortable, and get them involved. It’s important to us for your family to have a pleasant experience at our office.

Our team will:

  • Demonstrate the proper way to brush and floss
  • Use disclosing tablets that will “stain” the plaque, show kids where they need to brush, and how to brush more efficiently
  • Discuss diet and other ways to help your child grow up cavity-free

Preventive exams include:

  1. Fluoride treatments are given at each cleaning to help strengthen your child’s developing enamel
  2. Fluoride supplements may be prescribed
  3. Sealants are placed on the 1st permanent molars and premolars (if needed) to help prevent cavities
  4. If braces are indicated, we will coordinate treatment with the orthodontist
  5. We will evaluate “wisdom tooth” development, and help you to decide the best time for removal
  6. For your convenience, we are able to coordinate family appointments in one day to accommodate your schedule

We always focus on preventive care for your family. By maintaining good habits, you have the ability to prevent the need for extensive dental treatment in the future. Teaching children how to properly care for their mouth and making dentistry fun is our goal.

Elcano Dental Photo of child with toothbrush

for young adults

Our teenagers understand the importance of preventive care, but as a young adult grows, he/she will encounter dental issues that cannot be prevented. Our team will diagnose, recommend, or treat the following:

  • Recommending excellent orthodontist
  • Wisdom Teeth extraction referrals
  • Teeth griding treatment
  • Flouride treatments
  • Whitening of teeth treatments
  • Custom mouthguards for sports

for adults

The care and planning done in our early years, helps with the long-term health of our teeth.  The Elcano Dental team is very invested with your dental and overall health. We are able to detect possible severe illnesses and alert you for necessary treatment.

Our team:

  • Checks for oral and neck cancer
  • Examines pregnant for gum disease and gingivitis. Gum disease and gingivitis contribute to lower birth weight.
  • Conducts our standard preventive care  for long-term health. If required for specialty care, we will refer you to our highly-accomplished network of doctors.

for mature members

As a person ages,he/she may ecounter a loss of dexterity and will not be able to properly perform good dental hygiene. This starts the domino effect towards a decline in overall health. Because a person my not be able to handle the necessary tasks everyday, tooth loss happen and will result in consuming softer food. Poor nutrition habits will result, which will then affect a person's overall health.

Our team has experience servicing patients with complicated medical care. We will develop and share strategies that techniques that assist in your quality of life.