our basic care plans

Elcano Dental Photo of girl brushing teethThorough diagnosis and identification of necessary treatment is very important. Creation of a Care Plan to properly address these treatment concerns is equally as important. We believe in working with our patients individually to create the best customized care plans, taking into account patient concerns, budget, and schedule.

There are often different options for treatment; we stress education with respect to all potential treatment options so that you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

developing a comprehensive care plan:

gum health

Will you need a routine cleaning or a more thorough deep cleaning? If gum health is poor (gingivitis) or bone loss is present (periodontal disease) you may need more frequent cleanings (every 3-4 months), or other treatment methods


If cavities are present, why are they present? Cavities usually form in response to dietary and oral hygiene practices. Typically cavities are sufficiently treated by removal and placement of a filling. If cavities are larger or nerve involvement is present, more in depth treatment may be needed.

fractured teeth, or teeth with large fillings

What is the best way to treat these teeth? Fractured teeth and teeth with large fillings (which are at risk of becoming fractured teeth) can often be properly restored with crowns or “caps”, which are designed to strengthen teeth weakened by breakage or large fillings.

missing teeth

How can these teeth be replaced? It is important to replace missing teeth to maintain chewing ability and a healthy occlusion (bite).

There are many options for tooth replacement such as:

  • dental implants
  • bridges (multiple crowns fused together)
  • partial dentures

If past experience have made you uncomfortable, or you just have general anxiety related to dental treatment, we will take every measure to ensure your concerns are addressed to provide for a pleasant and comfortable experience. We work together with you to develop a comprehensive Care Plan to best address your personal and dental needs.

A sequenced Care Plan can be developed when treating every concern immediately is not an option.